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Hello. I'm a technologist and product maker focused on building platforms and tools for more human(e) work ⁄ working ⁄ workplaces ⁄ workspaces.

2019 Dec 30
2021 Jul 04

I also consult for tech startups in product management, strategy, and leadership.

2019 Jan 01

Forecash is a web app for future-looking financial planning. It's the next best thing to predicting the future of your money.

2019 Apr 15

A presentation I gave with Shawn Neal at Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, about our work together on OSS Cloud Foundry and deploying in complex enterprise environments.

2020 Apr 03

Doctoral is a simple, online, open-source document manager built with privacy in mind. Use online or deploy and manage it yourself.

2015 Apr 15
Spatial Pixel

A crafted and thoughtful product experience can deliver dividends in value. It can make the difference between a visitor abandoning your product in anger or becoming a happy customer. But we can't dictate the experience a user will have. We can, however, encourage users to adopt mindsets that harmonize products with users' expectations.

2018 Oct 03
SpringOne Platform

Presentation, Product Strategy for .NET on PCF, Spring One Platform 2018

A talk during which I covered the new capabilities and underlying product strategy for .NET and Windows Server support on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

2014 Sep 24
2013 Dec 07
2009 Sep 01