Cloud Foundry’s New .NET Capabilities

A presentation I gave with Shawn Neal at Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, about our work together on OSS Cloud Foundry and deploying in complex enterprise environments.

.NET is undergoing a remarkable and unique transformation and is evolving at a rapid pace. As .NET continues to evolve, so too does Cloud Foundry to empower its cloud-native future.

In this session, William and Shawn will relate the new capabilities that the Garden Windows and BOSH Windows teams have built to deliver a first-class experience for .NET on Cloud Foundry and why they make CF the premier enterprise platform for cloud-native, modernized, and legacy .NET workloads.

William and Shawn will review the history of the product, the basics of deploying the new containerized Windows stack on CF, what happens to a .NET application when it is pushed to the Application Runtime, how to inspect it, and finally, what Windows Server Containers mean for .NET developers, enterprises, and the future of Cloud Foundry’s .NET and Windows capabilities, including Container Runtime.