Director of Product at Recycle Track Systems

I've had the pleasure and challenge to build a new product organization at a services-driven company in the sustainability and waste management space.

Recycle Track Systems’s mission is to transform the waste industry into a sustainable materials and manufacturing industry by enabling circular economies at scale and empowering businesses and consumers to adopt zero-waste practices. I.e. RTS is going to save the planet by changing the broken waste system from the inside out.

My charter has been:

  • Transforming RTS into a product-led company.
  • Shepherding the company’s product and services portfolio across multiple industry verticals and customer segments, including web, mobile, logistics, data and analysis, reporting, sensors/IoT, and consumer goods.
  • Establishing product management, design, and operations functions.
  • Creating processes for product lifecycle, cross-departmental collaboration, innovation, and executive oversight.
  • Recruiting, coaching, and managing a team of product managers, designers, and product owner/operators. Managing design + development consultants.
  • Working with Finance and Revenue organizations to align go-to-market and revenue goals with product strategy.