Forecash is a web app for future-looking financial planning.

It's next best thing to predicting the future of your money. Instead of using apps that insist on over-budgeting your life and overanalyzing your mistakes, plan ahead with Forecash, which _forecasts your cash flow– and helps you make informed decisions about your finances.

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Screenshot of a graph in Forecash

It helps users answer questions like the following:

  • "Should I focus just on paying off my student loans or can I also set aside for retirement at the same time?"
  • "Should I rent or buy?"
  • "I'm moving; should I sell my current house or rent it out while I buy in my new town?"
  • "When is the best time to put a down payment on my first house?"

It has a graph-like user interface to enable you to plan different scenarios and show you the impacts of potential decisions.