Head of Product at Floored

At Floored (now CBRE Build), I brought several products to market, including 3D apartment models on StreetEasy.com and Protofit (now CBRE Plans), one of the first commercial products using generative design techniques for office layouts.

For more about this product and how it worked, read this article on my design computation site, Spatial Pixel.


CBRE Plans (originally “Floored Protofit”) was a bold experiment in deploying generative layouts in a commercial product. I guided customer discovery, user research, and product development for this SaaS product, which produced $700K in ARR in the first 6 months after launch.

Floored’s core platform, CBRE Build 3D (originally “Floored Luma”), benefited from a new agile process leading to increased product velocity, client satisfaction, and production team efficiency. Internally dubbed "Depot," the platform housed the library of 3D models and special tools for enabling our 3D modelers and artists to lay out scenes for clients.

Depot’s models were created from scratch in 3D Studio Max and represented popular furniture brands (e.g. Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, etc.) specified for the client briefs. They were tuned specifically (polygon count, textures, etc.) for delivery via our WebGL-powered rendering engine, through a web browser with no additional plugins required. This meant our primary users, owners’ brokers, could send 3D models via URL to potential tenants with emails and texts, without going through a burdensome installation process.

I also led the inter-company UX collaboration, product development, integration, and early model-production workflow for 3D apartment models hosted on StreetEasy.com.

For all of the above, I coached and managed an agile two-pizza team of designers and product people.