Product Lead at VMware + Principal PM at Pivotal

At VMware’s Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, I oversaw Microsoft-related and emerging multi-cloud product initiatives for the VMware Tanzu product lines.

After VMware acquired Pivotal in December 2019, I continued my responsibilities from Pivotal as R+D liaison to Microsoft and product lead for multi-cloud strategy, which focused mainly on Microsoft Azure, US Federal and secret cloud, and some hybrid infrastructure initiatives.

Along with VMware’s Alliances and business development teams, I helped to incept, build, and ship Azure Spring Cloud in partnership with Microsoft’s Developer Division (with teams in Redmond and Shanghai) and established the VMware/Pivotal R+D partner engineering team, connecting OSS projects like Cloud-Native Buildpacks to the product.

Eventually, I supported six teams in R+D, covering .NET developer experience, Windows Server management, Windows Server containers, Federal cloud, and others. I worked with a new executive "Growth Board" to help guide the product and related partner initiatives with Microsoft.

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