Senior Software Engineer, Ufora

Ufora was a small startup building a data platform aimed at technologies like Hadoop and companies like Palantir, but embraced a dynamic, integrated, Jupyter-notebook-like experience that scaled on-demand on Amazon’s cloud.

Target users included quantitative analysts at financial companies like hedge funds, data scientists, and statisticians. See an example showing a simple options-trading strategy.

Ufora's interactive development environment showing a two-column layout with code on the left and corresponding visualizations on the right.

I designed and developed the product’s IDE and developed various prototypes and MVPs.

On the backend, I contributed to implementation, testing, and documentation of Fora, an implicitly parallel, functional, JIT-compiled programming language. I wrote Fora’s built-in libraries for statistics, distributed linear regression, data visualization, data frames, and matrix math.

Technologies included Python, C++, JavaScript, Angular.js, D3.js.

I also managed external teams for Ufora’s company branding and website.